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7 Traditions on the Labor Day that you might not know


The Importance of the Labor Day in America


Americans consider that they have reached the greatness of their country thanks to their hard and diligent work. The work was a support both in hard times, and in the days of prosperity. In America the labor ethics is honored not less then independence. That is why the Labor Day in America is as important as the Day of Independence. By the way, the tradition to do justice to the work has extended on many countries exactly from the USA.


The Labor Day in America is the national holiday and embodiment of the economic and public achievements of the citizens in America; by tradition is usually celebrated on the first Monday of September.


The main idea of this event is to arrange a great celebration in honor of the American workers and give them an opportunity to take a rest as a reward. Americas are the people who are all very different, and this is expressed in the way they celebrate the holidays. Some of them honor the traditions of the working-class movement in acknowledgement of that status and well-being, which American workers have today.

For others (such as firemen, doctors and policemen) the Labor Day is an ordinary working day. On Monday of the Labor Day almost all companies and even state organizations do not work.

Here is the list of the traditions which is a part and parcel of the celebration of the Labor Day in America:


Arranging a barbeque party with the friends or a family picnic is one of the favourite things to do, especially on the Labor Day. On the first Monday of September the weather is still fine and you have a chance to say goodbye to the summer time and adore the nature and fresh, caressing air and warm golden lights.

When preparing for the picnic, take with you some games for you and your children and, of course, think of the dishes you would like to have on the barbeque party and prepare the ingredients.

And a good rest and happy celebration of the Labor Day is provided to you. To have a rest on the nature and give a treat to your stomach with different tasty things in the family circle and in the circle of your close friends…Isn’t it the best reward?;


Watching a parade (or even taking part in it) Parade is an integral part of such celebration as the Labor Day. About one million workers take part in this demonstration. This is a really striking performance. The workers usually wear their working clothes so that to show that they are proud of what they are doing;


Arranging a camping tour across the country is also one of the favorite American family traditions on the Labor Day. Young people also like and take the chance to go camping. Such kind of the celebration has become a very widespread tradition, for those who want to taste crazy and funny adventures one on one with the nature. By the tradition Americans go camping near the lakes and rivers, in the forests, in the parks.

So what is the main advantage of the camping? First of all, it is the possibility to be owner of the trip, to stint you in nothing. If you have a car, and it is even better - the big and capacious car, the family rest on a camping in the most picturesque corners of America is the best variant, to have a rest from the city vanity and everyday grey life;


Visiting the fairs Arranging different kinds of fairs is one another tradition on the Labor Day. For example, Blue Hill Fair is arranged on the Labor Day Eve in the small comfortable city and is really big event. This event draws attention not only local residents, but also visitors from different corners of the country.

Besides different popular attractions the fair arranges various competitions which are connected with livestock, for example, competitions of dogs in ability to tire out sheep in a shelter and many other things. The performances of the musicians also take place here; 


Having a rest in the park If you are a young family and have babies and small children, but do not want to stay at home during the celebration, you have also a good variant to spend the Labor Day in the park. The park is the elixir of life: the missives of its trees, spaces and green clothes.

All these give you the feeling of being alive, of a new inspiration and new breath which have become implanted in our souls. The children can fly a kite, blow bubbles and have fun. You can run away and hide from the busy life in the peace of the park zone. 


Firework is that tradition without which it is hard to imagine the celebration The firework show is arranged in every state and in every city. The fireworks are as a rule very beautiful and magnificent. The government is not grudge costs for the fireworks and in this way show their respect to the workers of the country;


Sales are also a good tradition on the Labor Day Many big department stores arrange the sales of the autumn clothes and different small things by the beginning of the new studying year. The sales are not only for the children, you can find a lot of other things which will be of a great use to you. Shopping is that thing which is liked by everyone, no matter if it is sun or rain.

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