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That awesome Labor Day: 30 best greetings, jokes and funny stories!

On that special holiday that marks the end of summer, you may congratulate your relatives, friends and colleagues. We'll help you to do it. Of course you may send a greeting card with pleasant words, but it would be better if you do it personally.

Here are 30 best greetings for those whom you want to congratulate.

1. This one may be send by an administration of some company to its employees:
This Labor Day we wish to acknowledge the efforts put in by our employees. It is our honor that we are working with such dedicated people. All of you were among the best of the lot. All of us have managed to accomplish a lot in the previous year as a team and also on an individual level. We hope that you enjoy the upcoming three day weekend with your loved ones. Enjoy your holiday.

2. The following greetings may be said to your colleagues:
No ties. No crazy colleagues. No angry bosses. No paperwork. No meetings. Hardly work this day. Happy Labor Day!

3. You've been busy. And you've worked really hard! No one deserves a break more than you do. Well no one, except me! Chill out & have a ‘do-nothing’ kinda Labor Day!

4. For all your hard work and dedication, you deserve a day off. What the heck! Go ahead and take a three-day weekend! Happy Labor Day.

5. Today, no work or drill… only chill! Here's wishing ya a ‘Take it EZ’ kinda Labor Day! You deserve it!

6. I know you've worked hard. Now party harder! Wish your Labor Day simply rocks!

7. Wish you success, prosperity and joy in everything you do! Happy Labor Day!

8. Have a pleasant and Boss-Free Labor Day!

9. This one is for business-ladies who, as they say, have no time for fun:
Office… Home… Targets… Chores… For all the multi-tasking you have done… schedule some Labor Day fun!

10. And now greetings for your dear friends:
What are the 3 other names for the first Monday of September? No Monday Blues Day. Chill Out Day. Do Nothing Day. Whatever you choose to do… I wish you a relaxing Labor Day weekend.

11. As the summer slips away… Hope you have a wonderful long weekend… Filled with peace and relaxation. Happy Labor Day.

12. As the golden sun gives way to the mellow days it's time again to cherish those who are special and close to our hearts. It's also time to enjoy the sweet fruits of your labor and look forward to memorable moments with friends and family. Happy Labor Day!

13. Seasons change… But what remains are memories of moments cherished with dear ones. As we move on from a bright summer to a colorful fall. The time is just right for you to relax and enjoy a well deserved break. Wish you have a very special Labor Day!

14. As the leaves turn brown… and the summer slips away… It's time to kick back and relax. And cherish some golden moments with the near and dear ones. Happy Labor Day!

15. As Summer says ‘Good-bye’ & Autumn breezes in with a ‘Hello’. I'm here to wish you a Happy Labor Day & a memorable Fall season!

16. Happy Labor Day weekend! Wear as much white as you can! And have a great holiday!

17. Hope your day is filled with loads of love and tons of smiles! Happy Labor Day!

18. It's Labor Day! Don't just sit there… get out and have a great time! Enjoy your holiday!

19. It's time to take off and have a blast. Have a glorious Labor Day weekend.

20. Do the long weekend thing. Do the picnic thing. Do the hot sun and cool breeze thing. Do the hammock thing. Do the afternoon nap thing. Do the party thing. Do the Labor Day thing.

21. Yeah!!! Yeah!!! It's Labor Day! Well maybe it's not quite that exciting, but it's a good day to have off. Remember all the hard working people who helped build this Great Country and all the good people working to keep it that way!!! Happy Labor Day!
Oh yes, one last thought: if it's called Labor Day why do we all want to play?

22. You may also congratulate your beloved ones on that special day:
So happy we get to spend the Labor Day holiday together. Love you lots!

23. It's a long weekend… which means extra time with you… on an extra special day! Happy Labor Day!

24. What I'd love in the Labor Day weekend is a Swedish massage, seaweed wrap and deep tissue massage. But what I'd really, really love is for U & I to have a great US kinda time to pamper our spirits with! Here's to a lazy & restful Labor Day!

25. And greetings for your relatives:
Sending all our love today and always – Happy Labor Day!

26. So thankful for all that you have done for us! Just wanted you to know we are thinking of you on the Labor Day holiday.

27. We're so happy that we get to spend the Labor Day holiday together. It means a lot to be here with you!

28. Happy Labor Day! Wishing we could spend the holiday together, Mom and Dad, but looking forward to seeing you soon!

29. Happy Labor Day! We love you very much and wish you could be here with us to enjoy the holiday.

30. Wishing you a special Labor Day weekend knowing your grandchildren are thinking of you. We love you!


Here are the best Labor Day jokes that could had been ever heard:

1. A little 8-year-old girl asks her father.
- Is Aunty Diane having her baby today?
- Why did you think she is about to give birth?
- Because you said today was Labor Day!

What a wonderful play of words! Yeah!

2. A brother asked his little sister if she knew why all the children get out of school for Labor Day? The little girl was very enthusiastic to say: "It is a time when all the mommies of the world go into labor".
That's it! Children know more than the grown-ups do!

3. Here is one more funny joke full of sarcasm:
Monday is Labor Day, and I understand that Paris Hilton is dumping some of her boyfriends this weekend. Paris knows the rule – you can't sleep with whites after Labor Day.

4. Father is trying to explain to his son why this holiday is called “Labor Day”:
Father: Do you know, most people don't have to work today, because it's Labor Day.
Son: If people are not working, shouldn't we call today 'No-Labor Day?'

There is more sense in the son's words. Don't you think so?

5. This is the story that shows the truth of our attitude towards work:
- What do you usually do on Labor Day?
- As little as possible, just like every day!

6. And here is one more story of this type:
- Did you hear the one about Labor Day?
- It works for me!


A really good, funny and kind story that happened on Labor Day.


Many years ago there lived a poor country farmer whose name was Eli. He had a wife Emmy and four children. One day, in the week before Labor Day, Eli won $480,000 in the lottery. What a lucky man he was, wasn’t he?
He decided to pamper himself and rejoice his family and took them to see the Labor Day parade in New York.
They booked into the Sheraton International Hotel that was at the corner of Park Circle and Central Park North. They had never been further than their local town, Benton in Arkansas and so were bowled over by luster and magnificence of the "Big Apple".
Eli and his son Clem were particularly fascinated by a shiny box with silver walls. Never before they had met with doors that could move apart, and then automatically come back together again. Neither had they seen an elevator before. So, they were greatly astonished when a little old lady entered the shiny box and the door closed. The lights outside on the wall flashed for a minute, and then the doors opened and a beautiful young woman came out.
Eli turned to his son Clem and said, 'Sonny, go get your mother.'


A funny sarcastic story of modern times.

A decrease in the number of laborers and a sudden increase in the number of Labrador Retriever dogs has made the Obama Administration to change Labor day to Labrador Retriever day.
"The exceptionally affable, gentle, intelligent, energetic and good natured Labrador Retriever is certainly a dog we can all emulate and celebrate." President Obama said making his speech at a ceremony and commemorating Labrador's most famous contribution to American culture.
"This dog, above all others, deserves to have it's own day. A Labrador can carry an egg in its mouth without breaking it and that is something we should all try not to do. Breaking eggs. So, go out on Monday, September 7, Labrador Retriever Day, with your friends and family, and celebrate one of America's great breeds of dog."

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