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Best 25 Independence Day Jokes!

Just what might you get should you cross the 1st signer of Declaration of Independence along with a rooster?
John Hancock-a-doodle-doo!
What betrays his country, has webbed feet and quacks?
Beneduck Arnold!
What exactly did Paul Revere talk about by the end of his ride?
"I have to purchase a softer saddle!"
What demonstration by a gang of dogs happened in 1773?
Boston Flea Party!
What went down because of the Stamp Act?
Americans licked the Britannians!
So why Paul Revere rode the horse coming from Boston to Lexington?
Since the horse was too weighty to carry!
Why did the Britannians cross the Ocean?
To arrive at the other tide!
So what can you name a march of German mercenaries?
Hessian procession!
What might you receive if you bred a patriot along with a little curly dog?
Yankee Poodle!
Have you heard the one concerning the Liberty Bell?
Sure, it cracked me up!
Exactly what might you receive if you made a hybrid of George Washington and cattle feed?
Fodder of Our Country!
What's blue, white, red, and nearly as ugly as being a dog?
A revolutionary warthog!
Just what did one flag tell the other flag?
Absolutely nothing. It simply waved!
What's gross, red, white, and blue?
Uncle Spam!
What's white, red, black and blue?
Uncle Sam sliding down the stairways!
Just where did George Washington purchase his hatchet?
In the chopping mall!
Which kind of tea would the American colonists desire?
What precisely was General Washington's most favorite tree?
It was the infantry!
What colonists told the best jokes?
What can you receive should you cross Washington's home together with awful insects?
Mt. Vermin!
What do patriots put on their dried-out skin?
What might you receive should you cross a puppy with the Father of America?
George Washingtongue!
Who's a dog's favorite Founding Father?
Bone Franklin!
What could you get when you cross Jon together with the English king during 1776?
King George the Nerd!
Which dance was very well liked in 1776?

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